As a media producer, you have more sources for music for your projects than at any other point in history. The digital age has spawned countless stock music libraries that can deliver you a music track quickly and cheaply. For this reason, stock music is and will continue to be a good fit for certain types of projects.

However, stock music is not a universal solution for all production music needs. It comes with the following caveats:

  • Your rights to it are usually not exclusive in any way. This means that the same music is likely out there in numerous other commercials, web videos, films etc. If someone has heard your stock music before in another production, they are immediately going to conjure whatever thought or emotion they attached to the previous work - whatever that may have been. You are losing control of the message when this happens. 
  • The music generally comes as is. You need to edit your production around the music, rather than have the music tailored to your content. (See item number two of the following blog post to learn about the limited ways a composer can help you modify an existing stock music track).
  • It can take a tremendous amount of time to find the music that best fits your production. In some cases, the relatively cheap cost of the music license can be negated if hours of valuable producer/director time are spent auditioning sound files online. 

Partnering with Peter Linn Custom Music can help alleviate these challenges. You will receive a piece of music that has been hand crafted to match your story. If needed, the music will be edited and modified until you are completely satisfied. You can even own the rights to the material, depending on the license. Production music, at its best, should be a collaborative process. Get in touch today to discuss a possible collaboration for your next project!