The Human Touch in a Virtual World

Though a previous blog post of mine may suggest that our world of virtual samples could one day eliminate session musicians (singularity anyone?), the fact is that in the present day there is still no substitute for the real thing. Lately, I have had more projects where there's been a budget for third party musicians, and it's been fun to collaborate with new people I've never before worked with.

I especially like to use remote session musicians who make my job easier in terms of not having to conduct a live session (not that I object to managing a live session, but sometimes it just saves time and effort under tight deadlines!). I'm developing a rolodex of musicians from all over the world who are able to offer high quality recordings of themselves working their magic for you- you are no longer limited to the players in your immediate area.

Here are a few talented remote session players that I've been very pleased with in terms of their professionalism and playing:

Kurt Baumer, Violin/Fiddle - 
Kurt is a Nashville fiddle ace with a great sense of musicality and melody. He really came through for me recently on some spots for Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital in St. Louis. 

John O'Reilly Jr. - Drums -
John has a very diverse skill set as a drummer and brings a lot of imagination and excitement to his drumming. He took a big band track of mine and completely nailed it on his first take. He asked lots of good questions up front to help get into the vibe of the tune, which I really appreciated. 

I welcome inquiries from any remote session players - I cannot have a long enough list of them at this point. If you don't currently offer remote session services but you play at a professional level on any instrument, you really should consider getting DAW software and at least one good microphone. With a little trial and error, you can hone in on the best way to get a quality recorded sound of your instrument and then hang up a shingle as virtual player. Seeing as how there is less and less session work to go around these days, it is a way to cast your net farther than your local metropolitan area - all over the world in fact! 

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