Bret Michaels and Overstock.Com Need to 'Rock This House' a Bit Harder

I just saw the new ad for featuring Brett Michaels (see below).  I was surprised to see that such a stereotypical stock music-sounding track was used in the spot. The music was fine in and of itself (your typical happy-acoustic-guitar-plus-whistling fare common in ads), but it didn't exactly evoke a Brett Michaels kind of vibe. I mean come on, "Rock this house" is the catchphrase! Where is the electric guitar??

I think they are missing some big opportunities here to create some highly memorable sonic signatures that emphasize the Brett Michaels contribution to Overstock. They don't need to go overboard with over-the-top hair metal cliches (after all, Overstock's sonic brand needs to be taken into account, too!), but I feel like they could better thread the needle between Michaels' edginess and the family-friendliness of Overstock. A perfect music pairing could bridge that gap. 

The current music, being as generic (and overused!) in the corporate world as it is, also does a disservice to the Brett Michaels brand. His public identity still stems from his rocker persona. This further risks him being seen as a sellout by some, and not the rebellious rocker who does cross-promotions on his own terms. Hope to see them go a different direction in future spots, not only with music, but also with more humor that might help the ads go viral. 

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