Music has been a part of my life since the second grade when I took piano lessons for a few years. I later took up the saxophone in the school band, and bass guitar and guitar during my late teen years. I started to get serious about music at around age 16 when I decided that music was what I wanted to pursue in college. 

My most intensive formal training is on the saxophone, and that led me to the University of Iowa School of Music where I completed a music degree. During college, I played in a wide variety of music groups, both as part of my studies and extracurricular gigs at various clubs and venues around Iowa City. I performed with chamber ensembles, jazz big bands, jazz combos, a funk band, a metal band, a hippie jam band, concert/symphonic bands, and probably other stuff I’m forgetting (or possibly repressing!). This diverse experience broadened my range as a musician and composer.

After finishing college, I moved to Chicago with the thought of playing in a band and teaching private lessons. It was a blast playing out at some of the amazing smaller venues in Chicago (Martyr’s, Double Door etc), but it was also a very unstable lifestyle, and it wasn’t long before I took a “day job” in marketing. That would lead to a decade plus career working at a few different direct marketing agencies, primarily in a sales and business development capacity.

In 2013, I made the decision to combine my music and marketing backgrounds and form a custom music business for media productions. This was a risky decision for me because I had no clients or reel at the time, and I learned very quickly that today’s market has come to favor stock music libraries over custom compositions for production music. However, I’ve been fortunate to build relationships with a variety of agencies, production companies and filmmakers across the midwest, and have since reached the point where I now fully support myself through composing music. Most of my work has come from the advertising and corporate sphere, but I welcome all projects and enjoy broadening my horizons.