I began playing the guitar back in high school. It started when I used my dad's acoustic guitar to figure out parts from various Rush songs, but my interest grew from there. But never having to be the guitarist in any group, I developed what could be called "composer's guitar" chops. I know the fretboard well enough to be able to conceive of intelligent guitar parts, and I can actually sound very credible when I have ample time to rehearse (note my solo at the end of Layering Intensity on my rock samples page), but I've always had the luxury of playing with guitarists whose technique exceeded my own, so I could always rely on them to bring my ideas to their full potential.  

However, since deciding to focus on being a solo composer/producer for production music, the need has arisen for me to record more of my own guitar parts. I need to take my guitar playing more seriously now. No more borrowed instruments or using lower quality instruments that I'd purchased just for writing!

Though I don't have an unlimited budget for this, I'm lucky in that I am friends with Bryan Schulz, who just happens to be starting a custom guitar business. Bryan is a talented musician who I've played with a lot over the years, and he has always had a keen sense for the technical aspects of music making, and also a very refined sense of instrument aesthetics. Since his current business model is to provide high quality custom guitars at a reasonable price, I said, "sign me up!"

We are just getting started with the project and it's still a work in progress, but here are some of the components coming together:


Current ingredients that we've decided on are as follows:

Flame maple top
African mahogany body
Flame maple neck
Wenge fretboard and headstock overlay

Will post more later as this comes together...I can't wait!